¿Are the fees per vehicle or per person?

All of the fees displayed on the website are per vehicle, not per person.

¿How do I pay for my trip?

It’s only possible to pay online by using a credit or debit card (Mastercard, Visa). With the safety offered by the Kutxabank Cajasur Bank.

¿I need to request a vehicle for the next 24 hours. Can I do it?

You can make reservations up to 4 hours in advance. Confirmation is immediate.

¿Will I be sharing my reserved vehicle with other people?

Your reservation in private and you will not be sharing the vehicle you reserved with anyone.

¿Where do we wait for our driver?

If you have made a reservation to be picked up at the airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the airport hall, holding a sign with your name on it.

¿Should I let you know what my arrival terminal will be?

You need not worry, our driver is aware of your flight number and will be responsible for knowing which terminal your plane will be landing at.

¿Are your vehicles licensed?

Yes, all of our vehicles are properly licensed. We are also covered by the mandatory insurance.

¿What happens if my flight gets delayed?

Don’t worry; the driver will be aware if your flight gets delayed since we have the means to get that information. Nonetheless, if you wish, you may send us an SMS or e-mail.

¿Should I tip the driver?

Tipping is optional; if you feel the driver deserves it, you may tip him.

¿Will I have to carry my luggage all the way?

You won’t have to. Our drivers will help you with your luggage.

¿Will all my luggage fit in the trunk of your vehicle?

Our vehicles are prepared for it, but if you bring a large quantity of luggage you should notify it on the reservation.

¿Do I have to take my own baby car seat?

You may bring your own car seat, but our company is equipped with baby car seats.

¿Can I smoke inside the vehicle?

Smoking in public vehicles is forbidden by law.

¿Luggage pick-up delays?

If your luggage is delayed for any reason, (loss, breakage etc) you must tell us on the phone +34 600 70 70 70 and we will notify the driver. 

¿How long will the driver wait?

The driver will wait for you at the arrivals terminal, for a maximum of 40 minutes once the flight is landed. If you are late for any other reason, we will be forced to charge you an extra between € 15 and € 25 for the delay.

¿Need to make changes to your reservation?

It’s quite easy, just send an e-mail to bookings@transfernerja.com with your reservation number and the changes you wish to make and we will re-send you the modified reservation within a few minutes.

¿Reservation cancellations?

You may do so by sending an e-mail to service@transfernerja.com or over our Online Chat, with your reservation number.

¿Reservation cancellation charges?

There is no charge for cancelling the reservation over 24 hours in advance, but under 24h in advance we may reimburse 50% of the cost.

¿Can I reserve a vehicle by phone, e-mail or SMS?

Yes, you may make the reservation by e-mail at bookings@transfernerja.com or by phone at +34 600 70 70 70. Payment of the reservation should be made to the driver with your credit card, debit card or cash, as you prefer.